Audiovisual Production

Video Editting

Audio Editing- Responsible for assembling the overall sound design of a completed production—what you hear is what they get. In post-production, he or she is in charge of selecting, recording/re-recording, and piecing together the right sounds to fit the edited footage (that will then be tweaked and finalized by the re-recording mixer). This includes dialogue tracks, ADR (automated dialog replacement), foley, wild tracks (any audio that’s meant to be in sync with the image but recorded separately, such as narration, phone conversations, sounds of nature, traffic, or any ambient noise), pulling from expansive sound effects libraries (the infamous “Wilhelm Scream” comes to mind), and any music used. Video Editing- A Video Editor, or Video Production Editor, is responsible for reviewing audio and visual footage and using computer software to organize clips into a cohesive unit. Their duties include splitting or combining video clips, adding appropriate sounds or graphics and watching the finished product to catch mistakes before submitting it for review.

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